What "Keith Schmitz" must be talking about

...because if it's the alternative, the man's truly delusional.
UPDATE: Over at Boots and Sabers, Keith Schmitz is claiming that the "Keith Schmitz" who regularly hurls overboard insults at folks is not the real Keith Schmitz. If that's the case, shame on whoever it is for using his name. Double-shame on that person for being an idiot with his comments.
UPDATE II: For the record, the common nicknames used for Keith Schmitz or Chris "Capper" Liebenthal are pretty childish. To those that use them regularly, you certainly don't portray yourselves very well.


David Casper said...

NOTE: Edited a descriptor because, in hindsight, I felt it inappropriate.

capper said...

Actually, this has been going on for months. Someone at Badger Blogger started imitating me with comments that are totally out of character for me.

It is still going on at other sites.

I also know that Zach at Blogging Blue has been sock-puppeted as well. Such is the life when one goes against the ignorant, on either side of the aisle, I'm afraid.