These things will never stop bugging me

So I was watching part of Revenge of the Sith last night and I'm still bothered by some of the same questions I had the first time I saw it:

- When Mace Windu (Samual L. Jackson) went to apprehend Chancellor Palpatine, did he bring, like, four of the worst Jedi with him or what?

- I know the Force is stronger in Yoda than in other Jedi, but you mean to tell me that he can sense Jedi being murdered across the galaxy but those Jedi are so weak in the Force they can't even sense they're about to be shot in the back?

- Anakin is always with Padme. Padme suddenly gets pregnant. Did gossip columnists not exist long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away?

- Anakin made C-3P0. Anakin fathered Luke and Leia. Is C-3P0 their half-droid-brother or something?

- When Palpatine names Anakin Darth Vader, don't you get the feeling that he just kinda pulled that "Vader" name out of his ass?

- Do you think anyone ever stopped and said, "Hey, you do realize those Wookies are naked, don't you?"


Other Side said...

The thing that bothers me the most is the number of cloaks they go through. They must have a huge account at Cloaks 'R Us.

John Foust said...

And the helmets. Interior of the X-wing, perfectly clean. Helmet: scuffed and dirty from what, playing football?