Adding a little hate to the roll

Son-of-a...I'm not sure which is worse: Having a bunch of lefties concentrated on one blog or having a bunch of blogs operated by individual lefties. They breed like cockroaches, I tell ya'. And what's probably the worst is that the "King of the Hate Left" now has his own little kingdom to reign over where I'm sure socialized health care, a weak military, unarmed populace and the constant stench of patchouli will eventually lead to a spectacular downfall.

Okay, truth be told, the worst part is that I have to update my blogroll.

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capper said...

Socialized healthcare? No
Nationalized healthcare: yes

Weak military: no
Well utilized military: yes

Unarmed populace? Well then, how could we scratch our arses if we had no arms?

Patchouli? What the hell is that?
Being the son and grandson of some of the best damn cooks in the world, you come here and smell only garlic, onions and the occasional adult beverage.

But thanks for the shout out, David.