He tried to call her twice following the speech - but got her voicemail

1st Attempt

Hillary's Voicemail: You got the machine, you know the routine. [BEEP]

Barack: Hey...um...hi. It's Barack. Gee...I really hate these things. Whenever I hear my voice on a recording I'm always asking myself if I really sound like that! Heh. Maybe I should just talk deeper whenever I leave a message. I dunno. Might help. Say, anyway, I'm just calling to let you know I just gave a speech. Um, not sure if you heard it, or if someone gave you the Cliffs' Notes version, but, yeah, net-net, I pretty much, um, declared myself the nominee. I hope you don't think I'm jumping the gun here or anything, just that the way the numbers are working out with the Super Delegates and all it seemed the prudent thing to do. Said a lot of real nice things about you! Yeah! I mean, if you heard it, you already know that, but I really meant it all. By the way, when you think of Super Delegate, do you ever get this picture in your head of some guy in a cape walking into the voting booth? Yeah...maybe not, but. Listen, I just want to make sure you're okay with this all because I'd hate for you to holld a grudge going forward. Not that you hold grudges. No, not at all. In fact, I'm really not worried about you holding a grudge at all. I guess it's just a formality, y'know? Okay, I think I'm babbling. So...um...anyhoo...why don't you give me a call when you get this. I think you have my number, but just in case it's Three One Two Six Nine...[BEEP]

2nd Attempt

Hillary's Voicemail: You got the machine, you know the routine. [BEEP]

Barack: I don't know. Crazy bitch isn't answering her...oh...hello? Hello? I think I heard a beep. Anyone there? Hillary. Barack again. I think your voicemail may have cut me off last time. I was leaving you my number but one of my aides assures me you have it. I think you've called me before, so I guess that must be true. And I'm calling you from my personal cell and I'm pretty sure I don't have the caller ID blocked, so, y'know, if you go into the recent calls under menu on your cell you should probably see my number there, called right around eight thirty, I think. So, just give me a call when you get a moment. I'd really like to talk to you real-time about what's going down, how you're handling it and all. I mean, I know you're handling it well cuz you've got balls of steel and...er...well, you know what I mean. And, um, I guess I'm just wondering what your planning on doing next or if you're going to mention this in a speech or anything. Yeah. Okay. Well, give me a call. Just not at 3am! Hah! Er. Okay bye.

Hillary calls back

Barack: Hillary!

Clinton Aide: Senator Obama? I have Senator Clinton on the line for you.

Barack: Oh. Okay.

Hillary: Barry...

Barack: Hillary!

Hillary: Hi Barry. It's Senator Clinton. I see you called.

Barack: Oh yeah. Couple of times. Did you listen to my messages?

Hillary: Actually, according to my call history, you called thirty-two times in the last two hours. But you only left two messages. And no, I didn't get a chance to listen to them. What can I do for you?

Barack: Um, well, I don't know if you saw my speech, but...

Hillary: I saw it.

Barack: Oh. Good, then. So, just kind of wondering what you've got planned as a next step, so we can move forward.

Hillary: Listen, Barry. My flight is about to take off and I've got to cut you short. I'll try to reach you when I get a chance.

Barack: Well I look forward to hearing from you.

Hillary: Good. But Barry?

Barack: Yes?

Hillary: Don't hold your breath. This crazy bitch has got a lot of work to do.


Barack: Oh.

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