Don't mess with an overactive chocolate factory

A candy store with the (now) unfortunate name of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory located in Huntington Beach, California refused a mother when she begged to let her five-year-old daughter use the restroom when the child was having an inopportune* bout with diarrhea. The result of the confectioner's lack of compassion was that it wasn't the only one making chocolate in the store that day.

If that weren't crappy** enough, when the mother called the store later to complain, the manager was unfazed and told her to sue if it would make her happy. In an even more shit-brained*** move, the manager laughed when the mother said she would start a viral campaign against the store, adding that such a move was bound to make the
daughter "very proud."

Now there aren't any Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factories here in Wisconsin, but if you have a moment, you may want to contact these folks and let them know that setting a precedent such as this, where they'd rather have small children defecating in their store than showing the slightest bit of decency, is something we'd all rather avoid.

I'm sure this is a movement we can all get behind.****

Poop. *****
*Is it ever really opportune?
***Really sorry
****Okay, yeah, not sorry at all.
*****Giving up

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