"I don't publish comments from anybody that I suspect is black"

I'm linking to this site because I want to remind all those who wish to claim racism at every turn what pure, unadulterated racism truly is.

This is a person with whom there is no point in discussing race. This is someone who truly sees no deeper than the color of one's skin.

It isn't a politically incorrect remark here and there. It's not about a joke made that didn't quite work the way it was intended.

It's disgusting. It's vile. It's reprehensible.

The greatest justice that could possibly be served to a jackass when he or she expresses their First Amendment rights is for everyone to be absolutely clear on how big a jackass he or she is.

And we've got a pretty damned big one here.


fantesticle said...

Oh, yeah? Then why is your name "Casper"?

Woo-ah-la! (I forgot how you sell that)

David Casper said...

It's "Wallah!" If you read your mail, you would know that it can be found here: http://whallah.blogspot.com/

Oddly enough, the founder of Wallah! once accused me of being a racist simply because my screen name was Casper. Little did he know how much he offended my family by not knowing that my last name actually was Casper.


capper said...

Of course the founder is not to be confused with that handsome and charming person who it he pro tem administrator. :)