Cultureless Caucasians

I happened across Visit Milwaukee's A Guide to Multicultural Milwaukee today and was a bit surprised to find that multi-culturalism, at least in their view, is a concept reserved solely for the city's non-white residents.

Although the publication aspires to recognize Milwaukee's newfound status as a "majority-minority" city, apparently doing so means that what is now the "minority" group in the city should be ignored.

Remember, this is all in the name of highlighting multi-culturalism.

I can personally attest to Milwaukee's rich German, Polish, French and Italian heritage, all of which are ingrained in the city's personality.

And I'll happily give every person working for Visit Milwaukee a guided tour of our fine town.

Let's start with the breweries.

UPDATE: I found reference to the guide on Visit Milwaukee's website and just couldn't pass up this gem:

Our "Guide to Multicultural Milwaukee" features our four most prominent cultures - African American, Asian American, Hispanic American and Native American. Only multicultural-owned member businesses will have listings in the Guide.

What defines a business as being "multicultural-owned?" Technically, a Hispanic-owned business wouldn't count because that would represent just one culture. But that Potowatami-Hmong Deli is a shoe-in!

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