Ignorance is Bliss - UPDATED

With Shorewood being as small a community as it is, and with so many residents knowing one another, one might think some commentary from one of the ShorewoodNow.com community bloggers might have appeared regarding the recent news that Shorewood Trustee Michael Phinney resigned following accusations of child pornography being found on his work computer.

Well, one would be wrong. In fact, not only is the incident ignored by all seven community bloggers, but Joe Mangiamele states that he's surprised to hear of the resignation, thanks Phinney for his years of service and wishes him "success in his future endeavors."

Although that last one might be needed, because I hear stamping out those Qs on license plates can be pretty tough.

UPDATE: Well, history has been changed. While Mangiamele's original post had more to do with why people run for elected office in general, it did include references to Phinney's service I cited above. But I noticed this morning that his post was bumped back up to the top. Why? Well, it appears Mangiamele heavily edited the post to remove any mention of Phinney at all. I wonder if someone pulled him aside and told him complimenting Phinney at this time wasn't the best thing to do!

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