Great Neighbors

Michael J. Phinney, a Shorewood Trustee, resigned today for "personal reasons."

I'm sure those "personal" reasons have nothing to do with [from MilwaukeeWorld]:

The "Application and Affidavit for Search Warrant Case Number 2007-M-433," signed at 11:05 a.m. on April 2nd, 2007 by the Honorable William E. Callahan, Jr., says the FBI was tipped off to the possibility that there might be boy pornography on Phinney's computer by a co-worker at the firm who "noticed Phinney sitting at his computer with images of a pornographic nature that appeared to be of men or boys." Later that same day (February 20th, 2007), after Phinney left the office, the worker and the company's co-owner logged on to Phinney's computer and "viewed his most recent documents which largely contained jpeg image files," including "two boys, approximately 8-9 years old, with one of the boys simulating anal sex (sodomy) on the other boy," ... "a young naked boy, approximately 7-8 years old, lying down on a bed with another clothed boy looking at him," and "a group shot of boys, approximately 11-12 years old, with other younger naked boys."

Also according to MilwaukeeWorld, Phinney lives only a few blocks from me. Nice to know what kind of perverts are only a stone's throw away.


Anonymous said...

Since he is only a stone's throw.... start throwing stones.

David Casper said...

There aren't stones big enough.