I'll take "Things that don't help" for a thousand, Alex...

I'm no fan of illegal immigration. My distaste for it is made even more so when those who enter our country illegally demand to be treated as legal citizens or be granted special dispensations for some illogical reason.

And I don't hold a lot of sympathy for the argument that maybe we wouldn't have as many illegal immigrants if our immigration laws weren't so strict. So far as I'm concerned, that's beside the point. It still doesn't excuse those who chose to enter the country illegally, and certainly doesn't grant them any special status.

And I believe that even though English is not the "official" language of the United States, it has become so by default, much in the same way a couple who lives together long enough is considered married under common law. Two-plus centuries of history has made it this way. My 20th century immigrant grandparents didn't have a problem with it, and neither should anyone in the 21st.

To be as blunt as possible, illegal immigration is just fucked up.

But when I see arguments like this one, the kind that offer ammunition to those who wish to say that every single opponent to illegal immigration is simply nothing more than a xenophobe or racist, I just have to comment that things like this just don't help.

Let's just hope it was too much chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too.

fantesticle said...

They do have "Speak English" commercials on Telemundo - and not just at night - all day, too.

Plus, reason #78 explains the adds for speaking Spanish: