My buddy Buzz recently bought a new hat. It's not a baseball cap or stocking hat for those cold winter days, but rather one of those wide-brimmed jobbies you see old hippies in Birkenstocks wearing as they head down to the local co-op to pick up a bag of wheat germ and fair trade chewing gum. I begged and pleaded with him not to do it, but by the time he told me about it, it was too late.

So today we're walking downtown and another guy, in an equally, if not more, obnoxious hat is walking towards us. As he approached, he gives Buzz a nod.

And now Buzz is officially a hat guy. He's a member of some secret society of men who wear funny hats. So far I don't think this means we have to terminate our friendship, but if he starts pulling small furry animals out of his hat, I may reconsider.

That is what guys in hat societies do, isn't it?


buzz said...

John C. Wright wears a hat.

Phelony Jones said...

I bought a wide brimmed floppy hat at the harbor in Baltimore. I can't wait to wear that baby this summer. With my clip in hair extensions looking all Sheryl Crow and stuff, I'm gonna be hot cha chaaa.