Seperated at Birth?

Ever since I first saw John Foust's picture, it's been freaking me out.

Can anyone guess why?


Real Debate said...


He looks better with spiky hair.

David Casper said...

Exactly! And if I were to find out that John Foust was actually just an alias for John Billingsley, I think I'd have to start stalking Mr. Foust, demanding an autograph and asking if T'Pol smelled nice.

John Foust said...

Never had that comparison made before! If he looks like me, he must be a handsome devil. This was my head-shot for my audition tape for "The Next Food Network Star". Doppelgangers? Marshall Crenshaw, William Gibson, maybe. And in the early 80s, there was some guy on General Hospital who looked like me, and the girls would swoon, but I had more hair then.

RDW, that's "Neelix" from ST:Voyager, but he was played by Ethan Phillips, no? John Billingsley played Dr. Phlox on ST:Enterprise. Completely different guys. And no, I'm not so nerdy as to have all that memorized. I give thanks to Wikipedia and Google.

There is a slight connection, as some of the 3D software I once wrote was used on many of those sci-fi shows of the 90s, including Babylon 5, ST:Voyager, and who knows what else. Spielberg's studio geeks sent the ST:Voyager ship to me here in Jefferson, WI for some special processing once. I've met a handful of ST stars like Scotty and Wil Wheaton and various ancillary characters, but never the babe ones like 36 of D or T'Pol. Closest was maybe being on set of "Max Headroom" in Theora's apartment (Amanda Pays). Or maybe on set of MST3K. Do cute robots count? Gypsy was a girl.

David Casper said...

My bad, John. While I had the correct actor's name, I was, in fact, referring to the good doctor's character.

And 36 of D is classic!