Even though I only listen to talk radio for about thirty minutes a week (which, after all, is all the time it takes to get brainwashed and receive my marching orders), I seem to regularly hear an ad for iNet web design. And while I can't speak to the quality of their product, I can say that their ad is quite easily one of the most offensive things I hear on a regular basis. Now, I'm not talking "hurts my feelings" offensive, I'm talking about "what the hell is that horrible odor?" offensive. The mocking of East Indian accents, drug references and "meowing" I hear in nearly every ad makes me wonder if they're as qualified at marketing as they claim to be.

Remember, annoying advertising always has the potential of being memorable, but usually not for the right reasons.

David Casper
BA - Advertising

Pete Fanning commented on how much he hated their advertising a year ago. I assure you, this has nothing to do with plagarism.

I noticed in the iNet ad I heard today some reference to web design firms that add "International" to their name to somehow create credibility. Wasn't too sure what that meant at the time, but during my evening brainwashing session I heard an ad for Jade International that made a number of snarky references to iNet's advertising.

It's like the Cola Wars all over again!


Real Debate said...

Funn you should mention this, I had a similar thought on a completely different ad today.

I'll be blogging about it shortly.

Pete Fanning said...

Oh man, you have touched a nerve here....I've written about this before....Jan 9th, 2007 to be exact....

I actually DO turn off the radio for a minute or two until sanity returns.....

I have never, ever thought about doing business with Inet, and probably never will....

John Foust said...