Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's pesticide-free lawn care

But would you look at that lawn!

I'm a pretty strong advocate of natural lawn care. When it's financially feasible, I'll make an effort to do it.

But for everyone out there claiming that Shorewood Village Trustees have voted to spend nearly $1,000 more per acre to reduce the use of pesticides on Village property because it's the safer for the community (and not simply a "feel good" effort), I have two questions:

1. Will it really make a difference when countless homeowners are still applying pesticides to their lawns? The 13 acres where pesticide free lawn care will be applied constitutes only about 1.25% of the total 1,024 square acres in the Village.

2. How is it possible to claim that citizen safety truly is the number one priority among the trustees when they can't seem to find the money to pay for lifeguards at Atwater Beach?

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