"a bunch of gay Hillary guys in Boystown, Chicago were wrong about the Bushes"

Honestly, I'm not too familiar with the source or the history of their opinions, but this is a must read.
Oh, how we RAILED against Bush in 2000…and how we RAILED against the surge
in support Bush received post-9/11 when he went to Ground Zero and stood there
with his bullhorn in the ruins on that hideous day.

We were convinced that ANYONE who was president would have done what
Bush did, and would have set that right tone of leadership in the wake of that
disaster. President Gore, President Perot, President Nader, you name
it. ANYONE, we assumed, would have filled that role perfectly.

Well, we told you before how much the current president, Dr. Utopia,
made us realize just how wrong we were about Bush. We shudder to think
what Dr. Utopia would have done post-9/11. He would have not gone there
with a bullhorn and struck that right tone. More likely than not, he would
have been his usual fey, apologetic self and waxed professorially about how evil
America is and how justified Muslims are for attacking us, with a sidebar on how
good the attacks were because they would humble us.

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