Question for the savvy food shopper

The other day I was at the grocery store eyeing up turkeys, geese and ducks, trying to find something interesting to make for dinner. But as I was pawing through the cooler, I noticed that very few of the birds were actually frozen. Some of them seemed entirely thawed.

Is this normal? Every bird I've ever purchased has been frozen like a rock and required days of thawing. And a return visit to the store found the birds in the same condition, making me think that they'd been sitting there unfrozen for at least a couple of days. I should also add that the overall quality of the store has gone downhill as of late, so I do have some concerns about buying meat there, and if there's a potential of it ultimately getting me and the family sick.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Coop said...

Dave, I'd suggest not shopping at that store any longer, and a call to the local health department might not be a bad idea either. Poultry like that should be kept frozen for safety, and meat should be kept below 41 degrees Farenheit.