In the spirit

So in the spirit, I made these little "Santa" cookies all on my own. Alright, so maybe they didn't turn out as perfect as the picture in the cookbook. And I'm not yet sure what they're going to taste like. But gosh darnit, I made them, and that's all that freakin' matters! YEAH!


Chris from Racine said...

I no longer have the patience for that!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you that asshole who thinks that poorly paid college kids should kiss your ass.
Oh ya, do yourself a favor and look up democratic pluralism if you are so scared about your precious christmas being under attack. You are a Christian Supremacist asshole.

capper said...


Stay classy.


Dude, they look like a herd of rabid Rastafarian Rudolphs more than a Santa.

David Casper said...

Wow Anony, did St. Nick leave you coal in your stocking, or are you always just that pleasant?

And for the record, yes, I do think poorly paid college students should kiss my ass, but only if I'm the one paying them poorly.

Capper, I think you nailed the description. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but it sure wasn't Santa.

Phelony Jones said...

Rasta Rudolphs. Excellent!