Sweatin' the big stuff

In Transformers, when Bumblebee had his legs torn off, why didn't they just use the Allspark to fix him?


Brian Dunbar said...

I asked my child that.

He replied that the device in question could only make _new_ bots but not repair old ones.

Then he shot me a 'duh' look followed by 'you know about the Transformers?' look.

Sean Hackbarth said...

You're analyzing The Transformers move.

What next, Pearl Harbor? Was Ben Afleck in enough scenes?

David Casper said...

Brian, I don't want to say your son is wrong but, well, I have to. That Decepticon who originally transformed into a boom box and then later into Megan Fox's cell phone (when all that was left of him was his head) completely regenerated his original body when he came close to the Allspark. He's what inspired me to ask the question.

And, Sean, all I have to say about Pearl Harbor, mostly because I've only seen the first 1/4 of it, tops, is that Ben Affleck took a train to England. The man got on a freakin' train in the US and rode it to England.