Further Former Foolishness

That was also fun!

Here's a little something I did some years back to promote Drinking Right. Since internet fads come and go faster than a teenage boy on prom night, here's a little context for this video.

And if you're looking for something to do on election night, why not drop by Drinking Right? There's a contest and everything! If I can remember under which rock I put my savings, I may pop in myself.


Annemarie said...

OMG, that was too funny. I almost ruined my keyboard laughing.

That was outstanding. Thanks for the high before the low.

capper said...

Sorry, Dave, my suicidal tendencies are very low right now. I have no strong urge to put myself in harm's way like that. But do have a cocktail for me.

John Foust said...

There's a clear pattern. The righties drink when they're ahead and they drink even more when they're losing. What pain are they trying to dull, what part of their life or consciousness must they mask with the effects of alcohol?

Anonymous said...

John, you obviously don't know a lot of the lefties I do!