Pictures from the Waukesha McCain/Palin Rally

Our tickets

Our place in line when we first arrived. Pretty good sized crowd. I think we waited in line close to two hours before we even got close to the entrance. But it gave us some time to check out the sights.

There were lots of signs referencing "lipstick."

And shirts, too.Actually, it seemed like Sarah Palin cornered the market when it came to signage content. This guy held his sign high for the entire two hours we were in line.

I was accused of taking this picture not because of the sign, but because of the person holding it. Well, that's just wrong. I always thought that II Chronicles 7:14 was a great verse!

Talk about your Young Republicans!

And even younger!
Once inside, we didn't have the greatest view of anything going on. The town hall format really didn't lend itself to giving everyone a very good seat. But we did get to hear McCain and Palin speak, and even hear from someone who looked and sounded suspiciously a lot like James T. Harris!

The real payoff was after all the speeches were done, though, and we had an opportunity to shake hands with Senator McCain and his wife.

I've got lots more pictures, and may upload some others at another time, but right now I'm beat, have to make dinner and have no desire to play with Blogger's awful formatting issues every time I upload another pic!


Alexander said...

Good times!

Chris from Racine said...

Have you seen how James T is being blasted on his blog? Shameful!