Or Anakin at Obi Wan!

If you're going to use strange analogies, you might want to be sure they're accurate, first.


JIJAWM said...

Well, that depends on what your source is. To the vast majority of the voting public, Batman is a character on an old TV show and in some movies. Of course the "cannon" source material inlcudes all that Nightwinge stuff, but I don't think that that's what Obama was talking to. And since we're talking about a fictional character, there's no real right or wrong. Batman is a character, sort of like Jesus. There are lots of different, conflicting legends about him. But most of them have similarities that we now consider universal. Like a sidekick named Robin.

David Casper said...

So the first time you heard the joke about the screen door on the Polish submarine, did you regale the teller with Polish naval history?

Not to say this was necessarily the funniest post in the world, but jeez, man, seriously.