Convince Me

Unless John McCain rips off his head, revealing a one-eyed alien beneath that supports abortions for some and little American flags for everyone else, there's no way in the world I'll be voting for Obama. Even then, I'll probably vote for Bob Barr.

But I am prepared to accept Obama as my president. Unlike what so many on the left have done for the last eight years, I'll do my best support this country's president, if not so much for the man, then the office.

To do so, though, requires that I be made comfortable with some of the things he and his campaign have up their collective sleeves. In particular, the combination of these things have left me with a very uneasy feeling as of late. Yes, I do believe there's something frighteningly similar to mid-1930s Germany about it all. No, I don't believe that Obama and his supporters are planning on rounding up Jews, gypsies and the general opposition and send them off to camps, but there really is something about this cult of personality that sends chills up my spine.

So I ask of my readers on the left: convince me that there's nothing to worry about. Demonstrate that it won't go there. Reach across the aisle and help me see your side of things. Because right now I'm having a hard time doing it, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to see what you've got.


fantesticle said...


David Casper said...

Fan, your link is no good. But I swear to god if it's you playing GTAIV naked I'm going to punch you in the back of the head.

capper said...


The whole cult/brownshirt/brainwash argument is the right wing version of the left's everyone who opposes Obama is a racist argument.

Both arguments are simply laughable. For example, I do not think you are opposed to Obama for reasons of his race. You are just politically opposite of him.

Likewise, I do not support Obama because I think he will solve all the problems in the world. That is the spin that squawkers like Sykes and some of the lesser bloggers try to put on it. I support Obama simply because I think he is, by far, the much better choice when compared to Grumpy McCain.

I don't think Obama is the perfect candidate, but I have yet to find the perfect ticket for any political race. Speaking of which, when are we going to form our own ticket? We'd clean up for sure. :)

It is simply that most people are sick and tired of the way this country is going, and want to get away from that path. At this moment in time, Obama is the best way to do that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I actually stopped reading your post after "vote for Bob Barr". What were you saying again? ;-)

Jay Bullock said...

Dave, the "civilian national security force" phrase has been explained long ago; I did two posts on it here and here. It's nothing like "mid-1930s Germany" at all.

The rest of that Doug Ross guy's post is equally paranoid.