A balance in the force?

Via Instapundit:

"I've had to completely take my pants off and show them like my entire leg," Angone said.

As a baby, Angone was diagnosed with cancer. Her parents, both Chicago police officers, had to have her leg amputated. She said she always warns TSA security agents that her prosthetic leg will set off the metal detector, but many insist on doing an embarrassing full body pat-down.

"I feel like I'm being felt up in public," Angone said.

So let's say a police officer witnesses TSA security performing a search on his teenage daughter that seems to be going too far. In fact, if he saw the same thing happening on a city street, he'd probably end up arresting someone. Jurisdiction issues aside, what do you think would happen if he grabbed the security agent, put her in cuffs and started reading her her rights, telling her she was being charged with sexual assault?

Might put the TSA squarely in its place.

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Diesel said...

Or maybe she could fill the leg with spiders. Then they'd be like, "Ahhhh!!! Spiders!!!"