Put those feet to work

The Village of Shorewood has been billing itself as a "walkable community" for some time now. Considerable amounts of money have been invested in a streetscaping program, although that's been met with accusations of mismanagement throughout (read back through Tatarowicz's blog for even more examples). But even without a village-sponsored program to enhance Shorewood's walkability, the community is inherently walker-friendly due to its dense population, size, sidewalks (even if unshoveled in winter) and services available.

This in mind, as well as my recent observations on Shorewood policing, lead me to wonder if the Shorewood Police Department has any intention of reflecting the village's desire to position itself as pedestrian friendly. If a fair amount of people are letting their feet get them from point A to point B and criminals are at the same time targeting these walkers, wouldn't it make sense that the police department gets out of its cars and onto the sidewalks as well?

I'm not trying to attack the SPD here, merely make a suggestion. Ten years ago I wouldn't have thought twice about walking after dark through most of the village. Today I won't do it without carrying a golf-club or having my little dog with a loud howl accompany me. In a community like Shorewood, foot patrols seem like a no-brainer.

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