Why does this keep happening?

I'm not sure this is quite the demonstration of Godwin's Law that this was, since Hitler isn't explicity used in the comparison, but it ranks right up there when on the scale of inappropriateness.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: Seriously, James? I mean...seriously?

Look, people, the Nazis were a really, really, really bad bunch. The killed millions of Jews, gypsies, gays and anyone else they pretty much didn't want mucking up their little idea of utopia. Comparing them or their leader to pretty much anyone, be it Scott Walker, the NAACP or even some over-zealous soup vendor is not only a stretch, but offensive to all those that suffered under their regime. Not only that, but it knocks you down a few notches when it comes to legitimizing any other argument you make.

So, for once and all, can we please just stop with the whole Nazi/Hitler thing?


fantesticle said...

Can I call a red-head's who-ha Operation Barbarossa?

David Casper said...

Can you? I insist upon it.