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I've been trying to recall the general tone following the 2006 election when conservatives took a beating, thinking that it wasn't nearly as childish as many liberals have been in recent days.

Fred summed it up for me nicely.

Now that isn't to say some conservatives didn't make fools of themselves in 2006, and I'm sure as soon as anyone read's Fred's post (or even this one), someone is going to start digging through every record possible to find examples that point to just that. But as someone who doesn't eat and breath politics, who generally is willing to hear both the liberal and conservative viewpoints and although is admittedly more conservative than liberal but proudly forms his own opinions and doesn't drink the party Kool Aid, I've gotta say that much of the commentary seen from the left as of late (not all, just much) is just a bit much.

And before anyone tries to point out how conservatives may have acted this way in the past, don't. I don't care. This isn't a case where two wrongs make a right. If conservatives have been sore losers in the past, they're just as bad. But you've gotta admit that for the last several years, liberals/Democrats haven't been handling losing so well.

And the sad part of that is in not handling it well, they keep missing opportunities to see how the next time around they could win.

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Real Debate said...

They do remind me of a spoiled child when they do not get their way.