Be careful what you wish for

Tim Rock recently complained to the Brookfield City Hall about excessive speeding on Fiebrantz Drive and now it looks like some of his concerns were heard as his driveway has become a speed trap.

My first inclination, though, was that this cop was posted there not to keep an eye on speeders but rather Tim. After all, he's one of them there lefty subversives and it's only a matter of time before the officer's attention is turned toward the Rock household, especially with all that funny smelling smoke wafting up from his abode and Communist literature arriving in the mail.

Alright, so maybe Tim doesn't fit my left-wing template that perfectly, but he still might want to be a bit concerned over an ehanced police presence after complaining to the government.

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Other Side said...


I do have a print made in mainland China with Mao and three of his henchmen, all smiling while sitting on a park bench smoking filterless cigarettes.

The smoke comes from the branches we burn every Tuesday and Saturday in the backyard.

You're invited to check it out.

btw: The officers used three or four other driveways in the neighborhood. They always asked for permission and were very personable and professional.