Gimme Gimme Gimme!

People who know me may be surprised to hear this, but I actually have a rather rich sense of entitlement.

I've paid income taxes for more than twenty years. I'm fairly sure that I've been paying sales taxes ever since I bought my very first piece of candy oh so many decades ago. And even though I don't own my own home, I know for a fact I indirectly pay property taxes since my rent goes up whenever my landlord's taxes do.

Therefore, it would seem to me I'm entitled to food stamps whenever I run short of cash before payday. I should get energy assistance when my heating bill skyrockets in the winter. I shouldn't ever be denied any sort of financial aid the government offers, and I want access to every subsidy ever offered to anyone who's paid less in taxes (or no taxes at all) than I!

After all, I paid for it, didn't I? The way I see it, I'm far more entitled to it than a lot of people are!


Aaron said...


I'm a white male in my late twenties. Where's my safety net?

I've certainly paid enough for everyone else's.

Other Side said...

Quit your job, and get pregnant (I guess through osmosis). You'll be the hit of the scientific community for a couple of weeks after conception ... the Religious Right won't know what to do with you (Is he gay or is he a breeder?), and after the child is born, start collecting food stamps and welfare, because no one will care anymore.